My Storybook for Teachers

Classrooms around the world are using My Storybook to teach digital literacy and storytelling.

How do we start using it?

If your students have email addresses, they can simply sign up and start using My Storybook right away. When they finish writing their story, students can choose to publish their story and share the link with their class!

If your students don't all have email addresses, we currently recommend logging in to each computer or tablet with a single email address. You can make as many stories as you'd like and all your students' stories will show up in your library under "My Books".

What does it cost? is free to use. You can make unlimited number of stories, upload images, and share your stories for free. To support the site, we charge $5 for high quality printable PDFs of a storybook. After paying, you can still revise your story and reprint it as many times as you want.

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Teachers: we need your help!

We built My Storybook for educators, and we're working on ways to better solve the needs of the educators and students using our tool. As we work on making better for teachers we need your advice on what to improve. Please fill out the survey below to help us make better!